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ABOUT Tailor My Property (TMP) specialise in providing efficient, reliable and hassle-free global property solutions customised to our Client's needs...


Tailor My Property (TMP) specialise in providing efficient, reliable and hassle-free global property solutions customised to our Client’s needs. We do so by drawing on our extensive and established worldwide network of agents, developers and advisors, enabling us to cater for requests in any global location, involving all types of real estate and financing services. Whilst doing so, we also understand that dedication lies at the heart of any successful customer relationship. Therefore, our network includes only those who we know and trust, and through whom we can deliver the highest standards of service.

Further, TMP work solely on commission drawn from our network. This means that, for our Clients, we are entirely cost-free, truly representing a stress-free property solution.

The Scope of Our Advice: The information and opinions given at all stages by TMP are in no way an indication of the opinions of specific agents, lenders, advisors or any other third parties. Therefore, no information issued should be construed as formal, legally-binding advice. As such, TMP will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by any undue or inappropriate reliance on this information.

PROPERTY SERVICES Through our extensive range of partnerships, we cater our services to suit all investment and financing requests in any global location


Off-Plan Investment: Throughout the world, we are regularly advised on the latest developments to enter the market, thus granting our Client’s early access to high-end, highly sought-after and ultimately high-return projects

Resale: We are able to advise on investments across some of the world’s most established secondary real estate markets. We do so by working closely with contacts in core regions, including the UK, USA and Asia-Pacific, combining our knowledge to create astute options for our Clients.

Holiday Homes: Through our network in Europe and Asia, we are able to market some of the most luxurious holiday properties currently on offer. In doing, our Clients can combine astute investment strategies with their very own dream getaway retreats.

Mortgaging: We provide holistic support with our customer’s purchasing strategies by connecting them with global mortgage specialists. All of these connections can provide highly professional assistance through in-depth expertise and experience in global mortgage lending.

Capital Investment: For investors with an interest in bricks-and-mortar, but without the desire for long-term property ownership, we create opportunities to input funds into prestigious, rewarding development schemes. The outcome is to gain substantial returns on investment.

ESTATE PLANNING SERVICES A very important yet often overlooked part of acquiring property investments is ensuring they are added to an up to date Will; as such we provide Will Writing Services to our private clients


A significant yet often overlooked aspect of investing is the writing of an appropriate Will which ensures that ones estate and assets are distributed with ease and simplicity when the time arises.

This is made all the more important when investing in different territories and in particular when one is working abroad and away from your long term home.

As such we are very pleased to be able to offer Will writing services to our clients ensuring they are able to invest internationally with the knowledge that their estate is appropriately protected and will transfer with ease to their stated beneficiaries

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